5 on Google, Apr 15, 2017
I love Korean suites. Very clean and quite environment. The price is reasonably and right next to a shopping center and transportation. I really love that it's close to the airport. Lastly, the staff is Wonderful.
5 on Our Website, Apr 14, 2017
The Staff and residents are very friendly.
5 on Our Website, Apr 03, 2017
I had a good experience checking into the apartment. I was traveling from another state and was needing some where to stay for three to six months. The staff member (Jazelle) was extremely helpful and took the time to explain everything to me. I am happy with the apartment and customer service I received.
4 on Google, Apr 03, 2017
5 on Google, Apr 03, 2017
4 on Google, Apr 01, 2017
A nice place to live, very close to 309 and the turnpike. The staff are excellent and friendly. The neighbors are polite and the atmosphere is pleasant.
5 on Google, Apr 01, 2017
Excellent place to live ..quiet community near transportation : Trolley or Bus .. easy safe parking .... nice neighbors.... I've had no maintenance issues !
0 on Our Website, Mar 31, 2017
One reason I won't recommend Live Korman to any of my friends, there is to many DOGS on location and also I put in a claim that the lock on the front door you have to wiggle the key before the key will unlock the door. when you have bags in your hand that becomes a hassle. My shelve was taken from the hallway I also reported to the main office nothing was done so I will be moving at the end of my lease. thank you.
5 on Google, Mar 31, 2017
5 on Our Website, Mar 30, 2017
I have been here 3 years. Maintenance has been very good and staff has been helpful. Being a long time Gardener, makes me really enjoy the Community Garden. I feel at home here. I have made friends here too.
4 on Google, Mar 29, 2017
5 on Google, Mar 29, 2017
convenient location and nice environment.
5 on Google, Mar 28, 2017
5 on Google, Mar 27, 2017
4 on Google, Mar 26, 2017
1 on Google, Mar 25, 2017
0 on Our Website, Mar 25, 2017
Apartment needs upgrading
0 on Our Website, Mar 25, 2017
Disallow smoking in the entire complex.
0 on Our Website, Mar 24, 2017
I would Recommend the community at the right price.
4 on Our Website, Mar 23, 2017
Quiet location. Good number of activities during the year. Clean. Only drawback-would not recommend a first floor unit due to being above the parking garage. Very cold.
5 on Facebook, Mar 23, 2017
Garden plot, woof woof gated area for doggies, gym, business space for meetings, free fax, copy, bikes. PEACE AND QUIET.
5 on Google, Mar 20, 2017
5 on Google, Mar 20, 2017
It has been home with a helpful staff and community feel.
5 on Google, Mar 18, 2017
5 on Google, Mar 18, 2017
Excellent place to live. Wonderful staff and residence. Love the continental breakfast in the morning at the club house.
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