4 on Facebook, Jun 24, 2017
4 on Google, Jun 20, 2017
4 on Google, Jun 12, 2017
3 on Apartment Ratings, Jun 10, 2017
Hallways, elevators, lobby frequently smells of garbage. Elevators are noisy and dirty. Hallways and common areas are unclean, in need of paint
5 on Google, Jun 01, 2017
5 on Apartment Ratings, May 26, 2017
It has been great. The staff has been wonderful and helpful. My apartment is beautiful; I have really enjoyed my experience here. I would recommend this building to everyone. Now I am just typing to meet the 200 character minimum.
5 on Apartment Ratings, May 18, 2017
This is a clean, modern and friendly place to live. The building is very new, and so there are never any problems with water, power, bugs, etc. The staff is all so friendly, and you get what you pay for with the gym and the roof top
5 on Apartment Ratings, May 15, 2017
Nice and Fabulous place
5 on Apartment Ratings, May 01, 2017
I have been at Korman at the Woods for a little over a month now and this is my first apartment. I love everything about this apartment such as the friendly and helpful staff, the size of the apartment, the community, how nice all of the other residents are, and how close it is to my work. When moving out the most important thing to me was feeling safe and I definitely feel safe being in my apartment or walking around. I haven't used the amenities too much yet but am looking forward to using the garden and pool once they are available! The only downside is that you can hear noise on the roads near by but it doesn't wake me up at night and if you have TV on or are doing something else you won't notice it inside of your apartment.
5 on Google, Apr 30, 2017
The staff is very friendly. My boyfriend and I have lived here for about a year. The apartment is a decent size and has a lot of closet space. Washer and dryer a BIG plus. Very convenient location, close to airport, I95 and the SEPTA Airport Line to get into the city. Management is quick with responses and 24 hr maintenance. We saw 1 mouse in the dead middle of winter and an exterminator was out the next day.
4 on Apartment Ratings, Apr 28, 2017
It's a well maintained, well located luxury apartment for any (higher-degree) students or professionals at U City. Amenities are pretty thoughtfully designed and maintained, staffs are very friendly but definitely not intrusive, other services are prompt -- I love living here!
5 on Apartment Ratings, Apr 21, 2017
Have loved everything since day 1 - all staff members friendly, and the quality and convenience of the building is amazing!! Coming home every day after work is always a great feeling, and I truly love spending time in my apartment.
5 on Apartment Ratings, Apr 20, 2017
I have had a great experience at 3737. The apartments are amazing looking, have great appliances that work and if they something goes wrong, maintenance is always quick to respond. Everyone is so helpful and nice, from front desk staff to management and the gym in the building is great!
5 on Google, Apr 15, 2017
I love Korean suites. Very clean and quite environment. The price is reasonably and right next to a shopping center and transportation. I really love that it's close to the airport. Lastly, the staff is Wonderful.
5 on Our Website, Apr 14, 2017
The Staff and residents are very friendly.
5 on Our Website, Apr 03, 2017
I had a good experience checking into the apartment. I was traveling from another state and was needing some where to stay for three to six months. The staff member (Jazelle) was extremely helpful and took the time to explain everything to me. I am happy with the apartment and customer service I received.
4 on Google, Apr 03, 2017
5 on Google, Apr 03, 2017
4 on Google, Apr 01, 2017
A nice place to live, very close to 309 and the turnpike. The staff are excellent and friendly. The neighbors are polite and the atmosphere is pleasant.
5 on Google, Apr 01, 2017
Excellent place to live ..quiet community near transportation : Trolley or Bus .. easy safe parking .... nice neighbors.... I've had no maintenance issues !
0 on Our Website, Mar 31, 2017
One reason I won't recommend Live Korman to any of my friends, there is to many DOGS on location and also I put in a claim that the lock on the front door you have to wiggle the key before the key will unlock the door. when you have bags in your hand that becomes a hassle. My shelve was taken from the hallway I also reported to the main office nothing was done so I will be moving at the end of my lease. thank you.
5 on Google, Mar 31, 2017
5 on Our Website, Mar 30, 2017
I have been here 3 years. Maintenance has been very good and staff has been helpful. Being a long time Gardener, makes me really enjoy the Community Garden. I feel at home here. I have made friends here too.
4 on Google, Mar 29, 2017
5 on Google, Mar 29, 2017
convenient location and nice environment.
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