Micro Apartment Living at Korman Residential

Oct 10, 2013
Micro Apartments by Korman Residential

Korman's Micro Apartments, some as small as 250 square feet, come complete with fully renovated kitchens, transformable spaces, and innovative storage solutions. These Micro Apartments are the answer to a need that started in cities such as New York, Seattle and San Francisco, where living space is a precious commodity. In Philadelphia, a red-hot rental market has stimulated demand for these well-designed living spaces that are efficient and multi-functional.

Living smaller doesn't mean you'll have less fun. Residents can enjoy Korman's community amenities too, such as LIVEKORMAN Bike Share, Common Ground community gardens, and Woof Woof Club off-leash dog parks.

Korman's Micro Apartments are eco-friendly too, which has tremendous appeal for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

To see what you can fit into one of Korman's new Micro Apartments, you can make an appointment for a tour by calling 888-2-KORMAN or by visiting http://www.livekorman.com/living/micro-apartments

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