HGTV Features Korman Residential on 'Rent or Buy'

Dec 5, 2013
HGTV Rent or Buy Korman Residential Apartments


Korman Residential Properties was featured on HGTV's 'Rent or Buy' as they helped a Wilmington, DE couple decide which option was best for them - apartment living or home ownership? The couple visited Korman's designer Modernista Earth Friendly Apartments, and checked out lifestyle amenities like the Woof Woof Club Off-Leash Dog Park, Common Ground Community Garden, LIVEKORMAN Bike Share, and more. To find out more about the episode visit HGTV.com:


Wilmington couple Mike and Nicola just got engaged and are still living at Mike's parent's house. She wants to rent and change their living situation immediately while he wants to take his time and find a home to purchase. Nicola is looking for new and move-in ready while Mike is okay with an older place where he can have some land and a grill. Will they rent or will they buy?

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