"Tail" of The Woof Woof Club

"Tail" of The Woof Woof Club

Posted by Korman Res | "Tail" of The Woof Woof Club

There is nothing quite like the bond between humans and their dogs.   Our dogs give us unconditional love and are always thrilled to see us, even if we just walked to the mailbox and back.  That’s why it’s nice to have a place like the Woof Woof Club, an off-leash dog park where we can bring our canine companions for some outdoor fun.   It’s a great place for our dogs to let off some steam, enjoy the sun or a cool breeze, and socialize with their four-legged friends.   Some residents relax under an umbrella and chat or read a book while their pooches play, while others opt to get involved in an epic game of fetch.  Either way, it’s a wonderful way to say "thank you" to our loyal companions.

Some nice features of the Woof Woof club include:

  • Double-gated entry for safe leashing/unleashing
  • Comfortable benches,  umbrellas and paver patio
  • Clean-up station stocked with waste disposal bags and waste basket
  • Grass play area
  • Refillable water bowl with spigot (at some locations)

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