Spring Cleaning Never Looked So Good

Spring Cleaning Never Looked So Good

Posted by Korman Res | Spring Cleaning Never Looked So Good
Spring Cleaning Apartment For Rent

Here comes the sun (and I say, it’s alright)! Even the thought of Spring approaching can get you in such a good mood that you just want to sing out with joy. If you live in a region where snow has been the norm, you’ll have an even deeper appreciation of what this means. The sky will soon seem brighter, walkways will be clear, and just about everything else will feel open and beautiful. While mother nature cleans up outside, it’s up to us to clean up inside, so here are some Spring cleaning strategies for you to use in your apartment.

1) Set the right conditions. Once the weather is nice enough, pick a day that everyone living in your apartment can get involved, open a window, turn on some music, and get going. Although this task is likely not the most desirable of ways to spend your time, setting up the right conditions could actually make it, dare I say, enjoyable!

2) Divide and conquer! Don’t think about cleaning the whole apartment all at once. Start with one bedroom or the living room, and see how far you get. If you have multiple people at your disposal, and each of you commit to one room, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can get your apartment spruced up.

3) Think about the months ahead. Chances are that for the next several months you won’t be in need of things like all the winter clothes in your closet, so stash most of those away in a conveniently located box.

4) Keep things fresh. In addition to putting items away, vacuuming, and wiping things down, think about doing something like moving some furniture around or introducing a new scent. Even a small change like repositioning a table, or going from vanilla bean to tropical paradise air fresheners can make it feel like a new apartment.

5) Take a break. While all of these tips can be helpful, pushing yourself to the edge is not. If you want to stay in achiever mode, but are getting tired of cleaning, break up your day by running an errand. Alternatively, if you’ve put away everything, and simply don’t want to get involved with scrubbing, wiping and sweeping, give yourself a break by calling a home cleaning service.

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