Spring Cleaning Guide for the Fridge and Pantry

Spring Cleaning Guide for the Fridge and Pantry

Posted by Korman Res | Spring Cleaning Guide for the Fridge and Pantry

Spring has sprung, and for many of us, it comes along with the toilsome task of spring cleaning. “Spring cleaning” can involve any number of deep cleaning or decluttering tasks, such as scrubbing walls and moldings, power-washing the vinyl siding, or purging closets of underutilized clothes and shoes.

One task that should be added to your spring cleaning “to do” list is a kitchen purge. Specifically, your refrigerator and pantry should be purged of all expired items and open containers that have been sitting around for too long. While that jar of salsa sitting in your fridge may have a “use by” date of one year from now but you know it was opened a couple of months ago, it’s time to throw it out. A jar of salsa will only stay fresh for about a week or two after opening. In general, expiration dates only apply to containers that haven’t been opened. Once the food inside has been exposed to oxygen, it dramatically speeds up the spoilage process, so it must either be consumed within a reasonable amount of time or thrown away. Not sure what a “reasonable amount of time” is? Here are a couple of handy-dandy guides to help you decide.

For refrigerated items:

For pantry items:

If you don’t see your item in question on either of these lists, check out the www.stilltasty.com database, which provides a wealth of information. For example, did you know that the following foods have an indefinite shelf life? Stored properly, these items will last for years!

• Honey
• Rice (but not brown rice)
• Sugar
• Hard (distilled) liquor
• Pure Vanilla Extract
• Pure maple syrup (keep refrigerated)
• Distilled White Vinegar
• Cornstarch
• Salt

Happy spring cleaning!

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