Spacious Apartments Redefined

Spacious Apartments Redefined

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Micro Apartment

Looking for a spacious apartment? You’ll have to be a little bit more specific. In a quick poll around the water cooler you’ll probably find that to one person it’s 2000 square feet, to another it’s 1000, and would you believe that someone might even say below 500 square feet? Believe it or not, they’re out there.

Micro Apartments are becoming more and more popular across the US, as more and more Americans discover what other countries have already come to realize - less is more!

Alright, so maybe you can come to terms with less “stuff.” Perhaps you can get rid of some of your old clothes, or maybe you can part with the sports equipment you promised yourself you would use one day. Aside from that, what about the space? People need a place to sleep, a place to eat, a place to live…how is that possible when you have only 500 square feet or less? The answer is simple – transformability.

What makes a Micro Apartment unique is it’s ability to transform into multiple spaces. You wake up and your bed lifts up to become shelving. You need to do some work and your desk simply folds down from the wall. Of course, that’s if you’re even in your apartment at all.

Studies show that Gen Y, or Millenials, spend a very limited amount of time inside their apartments. They’re out in their communities, be it at work, a nearby Wi-Fi lounge, or out with friends and family. At that rate, why not enjoy the benefits of a smaller space?

What benefits you ask? For starters, less space means lower utility bills. In turn, that equates to a smaller carbon footprint (Especially if it’s in one of Korman’s Modernista versions of the Micro Apartment. Sorry, shameless plug, we know). All of a sudden you’re spending less money and saving the Earth while you do it!

Now that you know what Micro Apartments are all about, what do you think? Would you make the switch?

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