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Saving Energy and Money this Winter and Beyond

Saving Energy and Money this Winter and Beyond

Posted by Korman Res | Saving Energy and Money this Winter and Beyond
Korman Residential's Modernista Earth Friendly Apartments

Now that the colder weather and shorter days are upon us, we’re beginning to fire up our thermostats and prepare for winter. While energy bills are generally higher during the winter and summer months, there are some simple adjustments we can make that will help keep our energy costs down year-round. As an added bonus, we’ll be helping the environment. The following are some simple ways to become “eco-thrifty” this winter and beyond:


According to www.energy.gov, “an average household dedicates about 10% of its energy budget to lighting. Switching to energy efficient lighting is one of the fastest ways to cut your energy bills.” There are several types of energy-efficient light bulbs on the market today, such as halogen incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and light-emitting diodes (LED). Energy-efficient light bulbs use 25% to 80% less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs, and they can last anywhere from 3 to 25 times longer. This saves considerable energy and money. While the initial cost of energy-efficient light bulbs is greater than traditional light bulbs, they generally pay for themselves in energy savings within one year.

In addition to using energy-efficient light bulbs, taking advantage of natural light during the daytime, turning off unnecessary lights and using dimmers will help you to conserve energy and money.

Heating and Cooling

“Heating and cooling your home uses more energy and costs more money than any other system in your home – typically making up about 54% of your utility bill”, according to energy.gov. What are some ways we can help mitigate these costs?

• Use curtains or shades to your advantage. During the winter, keep your shades or blinds open on the sunny side of your house during the daytime to let in the warm sunlight. Keep all other shades closed to help hold the heat in, and make sure all shades are closed at night. During the summer months, keep the shades closed on the sunny side of the house, to help keep your home cool.
• During the winter, lower the thermostat when you are not at home, and at night when you are sleeping. During the summer, raise the temperature of your air conditioner when you are not home, or turn it off and open your windows to let in cool air on mild evenings.


Water is one of our most precious resources. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, “the average family of four can use 400 gallons of water every day.” Fortunately there is a lot we can do to conserve water:

• Run the washing machine or dishwasher only when it is full, or if you wash your dishes by hand, you can still save a considerable amount of water by filling the sink with water rather than running the water continuously.
• Turn off the bathroom faucet while brushing your teeth or shaving, using water only to rinse.
• Keep a pitcher of drinking water in the refrigerator, rather than running the faucet until the water gets cold.
• Report any leaks in your home, because even a small leak can add up to gallons of water wasted per day.

When we designed our Modernista apartments, we had eco-consciousness and energy savings in mind. Some features of our Modernista apartments include energy efficient toilets, low-flow showerheads, Energy Star rated appliances, and renewable, sustainable, and recycled materials. To learn more about our Modernista Apartments, please click here: http://www.livekorman.com/living/modernista-earth-friendly-apartments.

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