Moving to a New Apartment Home?

Moving to a New Apartment Home?

Posted by Korman Res | Moving to a New Apartment Home?
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There’s no place like home.  Although moving to a new apartment home is an exciting endeavor, it can also be uncomfortable learning your way around a new neighborhood.  After you’ve switched over the utilities, unpacked your belongings and arranged your furniture, there is still the matter of navigating your new surroundings and making them home.  But, by putting yourself out there, asking questions, and getting involved in your community, you’ll quickly become settled into your new apartment home. 

Here are some tips for a smooth transition:

Explore your new surroundings.

    • Introduce yourself to your neighbors, utilize your community amenities, and explore your neighborhood.  For example, our BikeShare program, Woof Woof Club, and Fitness Centers provide great opportunities for meeting neighbors and making new friends. 

Get involved.

    • Join a local book club, volunteer group, professional association, or community athletic team.  Check out your local library, bookshop, or the internet for information.

Get your kids involved.

    • If you have kids who will be attending a new school, ask the other parents about sports teams, clubs, parks and activity centers for your kids to have fun and make new friends.

Find your new “go-to” places. 

    • Find your new supermarket, dry cleaner, and pharmacy.  Explore local take-out restaurants and coffee shops.  Ask your neighbors for recommendations.  Sometimes it takes a little bit of trial and error before you find your new favorites.

Figure out your transportation. 

    • Get a transportation map and find your new bus/train routes to work, school, or anywhere else you will need to go.  If you commute by car, ask your neighbors and locals for the best shortcuts and quickest driving routes.  Drive around your new city and learn its layout. 


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