Make Valentine's Day Your Own

Make Valentine's Day Your Own

Posted by Korman Res | Make Valentine's Day Your Own
Valentines Day Ideas

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, couples generally fall into two categories: those who love to celebrate it and those who don’t. While Valentine’s Day appeals to some, others may view the holiday as a sales gimmick, or prefer not to spend their evening (and hard-earned money) in an over-crowded restaurant. Whatever the reason, Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone.

The true meaning of Valentine’s Day, though, is an idea that all couples can get behind. Setting aside a day to celebrate romance, reconnect and express our appreciation for our loved ones is something that all couples can do, even if you’re not a “roses and chocolates” type of person. If you’re no stranger to romantic or thoughtful gestures toward your beloved, a sweet surprise, a love note, or breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day will still be appreciated. A romantic gesture doesn’t have to be grand or expensive, all it needs to be is from the heart. Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas that you can do right from your apartment:

• Make breakfast in bed for your beloved.
• Prepare a candlelight dinner for two at home (or if cooking isn’t your thing, order takeout).
• Take a trip down memory lane. Look through old photo albums, love notes, or keepsakes from your early days together.
• Write a “Top 10” list of your favorite things about your loved one and leave it somewhere in the home that he or she is sure to find it.
• Buy a bottle of bubbly and make a toast to your past, present and future.
• Send the kids to Grandma’s and enjoy a quiet evening together without distractions.

However you celebrate Valentine’s Day, we hope it’s a wonderful one.

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