Blurring the Line Between Renting and Home Ownership

Blurring the Line Between Renting and Home Ownership

Posted by Korman Res | Blurring the Line Between Renting and Home Ownership
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While there are many advantages to renting, we know that there are also perks that come along with home ownership. At Korman Residential, we strive to provide our residents with the best of both worlds by offering innovative lifestyle amenities that not only blur the line between renting and home ownership, but also enhance the quality of life of our residents. How is this possible, you ask?

Outdoor Gardening

Gardening is an outdoor hobby enjoyed by many, but it can be difficult to pursue without owning a piece of land. When we brainstormed ideas, we were inspired by the community gardens that have gained popularity in some of America’s big cities. That’s why we created the Common Ground Community Garden, a place where our residents can grow fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs on their very own piece of earth. Common Ground Community Gardens enable our residents to enjoy a relaxing, outdoor hobby that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to pursue. We currently offer Common Ground Community Gardens at six of our locations: Philadelphia, PA, Ambler, PA, Clementon, NJ, Palmyra, NJ, Bear, DE, and Newark, DE. For more information, please click here: http://www.livekorman.com/living/common-ground-community-garden.

Open Space for Your Pets

Where else besides a fenced yard can a dog go off-leash to run and play? A Korman Residential community is where. A popular amenity among our resident dog owners is the Woof Woof Club Private Off-Leash Dog Parks located at most of our communities. We are proud to offer pet-friendly communities to our residents and we are happy to provide their canine companions with a double-gated, fenced yard of their own. After all, don’t our beloved dogs deserve a place to “let their fur down” and have some fun? To learn more about the Woof Woof Club, please click here: http://www.livekorman.com/living/woof-woof-club-private-leash-dog-park.


Biking is gaining momentum in cities like Paris, Montreal, and New York. It’s a healthy, fun way to exercise or travel, and it can lower our cholesterol as well as our carbon footprint. Perhaps you don’t own a bike or don’t want to commit to buying one. With LIVEKORMAN Bike Share there is nothing to worry about, just use ours! Better yet, like all of our amenities, it is free for our residents. To learn more, please click here: http://www.livekorman.com/living/livekorman-bike-share

Breathing Fresh Air

Finally, we believe that every person has the right to breathe fresh air. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible with apartment living. That’s why Korman Residential pioneered Smoke-Free Living, the first smoke-free apartments in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. For more information about Smoke-Free Living, please click here: http://www.livekorman.com/living/smoke-free-living.

Few things are more important than where you live, so it is our goal to continuously enhance the quality of life in our communities. When someone is faced with the question, “Rent or buy?” we try to make the decision an easy one; call a Korman Residential apartment “home”.

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