Biking is Back!

Biking is Back!

Posted by Korman Res | Biking is Back!
Bike Share Philadelphia

Biking is back! The time to enjoy the outdoors is finally here, and one of the best ways to do that is on a bike. Perhaps you are not an avid cyclist, or maybe you don't even own a bike (yet), but fear not! There are plenty of options out there that will get you geared up.

Bike Share

- Korman Residential was the first management company in the Greater Philadelphia area to offer a completely free bike share program. Take advantage of it! If you are a resident in any of the Korman communities that feature LIVEKORMAN Bike Share you will notice the black and green bikes wheeling around your apartment community. Stop in at your leasing office and see how you can start riding today.

- This year the city of Philadelphia will introduce it's very own bike share program. According to the city's website, "bike sharing will be an affordable, healthy, safe, environmentally sustainable addition to Philadelphia’s transportation options." For more information visit http://www.phila.gov/bikeshare

Bike Rentals

- Bike rental shops aren't just for the shore. Go ahead, Google it! Chances are if there is a nice area for biking, there is a shop nearby that will be able to rent a bike to you. Looking for good bike paths? Here is one resource if you are in the Philadelphia area: http://www.bicyclecoalition.org/resources/maps (Thanks for the great information Philadelphia Bicycle Coalition!)

Bike Purchase

- Want your own bike, but not sure where to start? Go to a place that lives and breathes cycling (we like Guy's Bicycles: http://guysbicycles.com/). Not only will a place like this sell you a bike, but they'll assemble it, offer all the necessary accessories (don't forget a helmet!), and tell you a thing or two about maintenance (Tip! 80% of bike issues can be avoided by simply keeping air in the tires, making sure the bike is clean and dry, and applying lubricant regularly).

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